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Partner with Arope Group to ensure the integrity and competence of your workforce while making informed decisions.

Arope Group Limited is a leading privately held background screening company specializing in high-quality and affordable screening services. Our main focus is to ensure the authenticity and qualifications of individuals you employ or engage with. We conduct discreet background checks that respect privacy and adhere to legal boundaries. Our commitment to delivering reliable screening services has earned us a reputation among notable organizations in these sectors. Our clients include government departments, NGOs, companies, institutions, and individuals seeking trusted verification processes to build reliable teams.

We cater to industries such as:

Government departments, Corporations and County Government

NGOs and Societies

Manufacturing Companies

Banks and Financial Institutions

Engineering and Construction Companies


Human Resource

Media and Communication Industries



Transport & Logistics


Private Companies


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Our Reach

Led by Victoria Mulwa

B.Sc., CPP®, PCI®, PSP®

Victoria Mulwa, B.Sc., CPP®, PCI®, PSP® is a distinguished ASIS Triple Crown Board Certified Security Professional with a relentless commitment to excellence in the field of security and investigations. As the CEO of AROPE GROUP, Victoria exemplifies leadership, strategic vision, and a deep understanding of screening and background checks.


Victoria’s professional journey is marked by a diverse array of roles and responsibilities. She serves as the Chair of the ASIS Women In Security-Kenya Chapter, where she advocates for gender diversity and empowerment within the security industry. She also holds the esteemed position of Committee Member within the ASIS Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Security Advisory Committee. Her dedication and expertise greatly contribute to the committee’s objectives and its mission in enhancing security within the region.


Additionally, Victoria is recognized as a champion in background checks and investigations, leveraging her expertise to assure that the people you have employed, are about to employ, or engage with, are exactly who they claim to be, and have the capacity and qualifications to deliver on commitments they have made, or positions they are about to hold.


In her community engagement, Victoria plays pivotal roles in educational institutions, serving as a Board Member of The Kenya High School, Machakos Girls High School and the former Chair of the Board of Management at Mbembani Secondary School. Her dedication to education extends beyond administrative roles as she actively contributes to shaping the educational possibilities for bright but needy students.


Furthermore, she is a steadfast faith-based entrepreneur whose endeavors are deeply anchored in her unwavering commitment to serving both God and her community. Her business pursuits are not merely driven by profit, but by a profound belief in the values of faith, compassion, and serving. Through her entrepreneurial endeavors, Victoria exemplifies the transformative power of faith in action, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those around her.


With a distinguished portfolio of certifications including CPP®, PCI®, and PSP®, Victoria Mulwa stands as a beacon of professionalism and expertise in the security domain. Her dynamic leadership, coupled with her extensive experience and dedication to service, continues to inspire and elevate standards within the security industry and beyond.


Our Vision

A global pacesetter in background screening.

Our Mission

Deliver professional services which enhance ethical standards and best practices through innovation and modern technology.

Our Core Values

  • Accurately performing tasks on time to satisfy the needs of our internal and external clients.
  • Adhering to professional regulations, ethics and guidelines
  • Continuous pursuit of new technologies that add value for our clients, employees, share holders & the community.
  • Taking pride in our work and holding ourselves accountable.
  • Pursuing continuous improvement as individuals and as a business entity

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