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In today’s competitive global market place, information and knowledge are keys to successfully mitigating risk in all facets of business. Built on foundation of integrated investigative processes, cost-effective, and timely client service, Arope Group provides the following Background Screening Services:

Our Services

Corporate Services

  • Pre-employment checks
  • Employment background checks
  • Criminal records and background check services
  • Documents verification services
  • Company due diligence
  • Company risk assessment
  • Fraud and risk awareness programs
  • Trucking and transportation background checks
  • Social media checks
  • Insurance fraud investigations
  • International background checks
  • Due diligence and investigations
  • Background checks by need
  • Background investigations

Individual Services

  • Identity and address checks
  • Driver’s screening
  • Domestic Workers Check
  • Tenant Screening
  • Background Checks by Need
  • Document Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Education Verification
  • License Verification
  • Drug testing
  • And more.

Identity Checks

This check confirms that the thump print provided belongs to the particular individual. Completing background checks hausarbeit ghostwriting based on false identity information could prevent you from receiving an inaccurate report on the candidate, as candidates may provide false details to conceal adverse information. Identity verification is therefore an important first step for any background check.
We conduct the following services for identity checks:

▸ I.D Confirmation

▸ Address Verification

▸ Passport Checks

▸ Character / Professional References (x2)

▸ Directorship Search

▸ Electoral Roll Search

▸ Right to Work Check

Criminal Records Checks

Criminal records can be obtained for various purposes including employment, adoption, international travel, citizenship, name change or a record suspension. We make criminal checks a standard part of your overall pre-employment assessment.
These are the services you get;

▸ Basic Disclosure (Police Clearance Certificate)

▸ Standard Criminal Records

▸ Enhanced Criminal Check

Educational Checks

This check verifies educational background information including confirmation of attendance and qualification received.
We conduct educational qualification check for each employee with respect to the qualifications that have been submitted by them in accordance with the organization’s policies and procedures. A large number of applicants make false & wrong qualification claims to get a job. We offer Education Qualification check of the candidate who is applying to join your corporation.
We conduct following services for Educational qualification check:

▸ Verification Of The Highest Education

▸ Verification Of All Education Level i.e. High school Upwards

▸ Verification Of Professional Qualification

▸ Verification Of Professional Membership

Professional Membership Check

This check will verify an individual’s membership directly with the professional organization, and will obtain details such as the type of membership held and the current membership status.

Employment Checks

Confirming a candidate’s past work experience is one of the most important background checks an employer can conduct. It is very important for you to be sure that the person you are hiring has the experiences you believe are necessary to effectively perform the job for which they are applying for.
We collect the following factual information about your candidate’s work history from Human Resources:

▸ Position Held

▸ Duration Of Employment

▸ Duties And Responsibilities Held

▸ Reason For Leaving

▸Eligibility For Re-employment And

▸ Any Other Information

Credit Checks

Understanding a candidate’s background can help to mitigate the risks posed to your business by individuals under financial strain, this is of vital importance especially if you are recruiting for a role that involves financial management, accounts or sensitive data.
We conduct the following services for financial check:

▸ Bankruptcy / Insolvency Checks

▸ Credit Score (Credit Bureau)

▸ Anti-Money Laundering Check

Referee Check

This check is conducted on at least two referees for a comparative and suitability assessment. It is used to provide insight on the candidate’s skills, knowledge and developmental areas. It is also used to confirm and verify information gathered from the CV.

Employee Audits and Monitoring

Employee fraud may not be a major threat to the well-being of an organization, but can significantly drain on the bottom line and have a number of other negative impacts.
Even in generally well run companies, fraud still takes place. According to the 2012 ACFE report, an average organization loses 5% of its revenues to fraud – a staggering sum.
People are fallible and there is always going to be at least one bad apple. Policies will be ignored, and controls are never perfectly effective.
We can help the senior management to mitigate this toxic problem by monitoring and auditing the employees.

Driving License Check

You must physically carry a current and valid driving license to operate a motor vehicle. If your organization is looking to hire drivers, you should have the applicants verified.
We help you verify the current status of the driving license, a list everything holding on the license, convictions, violations, collisions, suspensions, revocations and disqualifications.

Domestic Workers Check

Back in the day, when life was simpler, hiring a domestic worker who had been recommended by a friend or family member was considered the norm. But these days, as crime rates soar, hiring someone to work in your home without doing a thorough background check can be downright dangerous.
Arope Group can help you hire the most suitable domestic worker by running background checks on them and obtaining detailed information like their address, reference contacts, criminal records, previous employers and the reason why they quit their previous job. You want to employ someone who is trustworthy and clean from any crimes, contact us for this services.

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening can provide insight into a tenant’s credit report, employment report and payment history as well as length of residency. Tenants with a history of not paying their rent, that have been evicted or have a criminal record are more likely to cause problems.

Document Verification

▸Passport Verification.

▸Verification of Alien Registration.

▸Payslips Verification.

▸Company Ownership Documents.

▸Property Ownership Documents.

Background Checks By Need

We can tailor background checks according to your needs. The confidence that the information you receive is comprehensive and timely.

Other services provided are:

▸Social Media Checks

▸Due Diligence

▸Background Investigations



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